The Inspiring Journey of Diana Cowan and the Birth of Atlantis Educational Center

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The Inspiring Journey of Diana Cowan and the Birth of Atlantis Educational Center

The Inspiring Journey of Diana Cowan and the Birth of Atlantis Educational Center

Hello, I’m Diana Cowan, the founder of Atlantis Educational Center. Allow me to take you on a journey through the origins of our institution and the passion that drives us to empower nursing students and graduates.

Tutor by Day, Nurse by Night

In 2007, after passing my NCLEX-RN, I began my nursing career at a local trauma center in Miami, FL. Simultaneously, I continued to tutor nursing students and graduates, a passion I had cultivated during my college years and while completing my LPN program about two years prior. It was a rewarding experience but also an eye-opener. I discovered that some of my students needed more than just nursing concepts; they required motivation, support, and guidance to set and achieve their short and long-term goals. This realization ignited my passion for mentoring.

Interactive NCLEX Tutoring Finds a Home

Soon after, I decided to establish a small NCLEX tutoring program during my free time. With a table and eight chairs, in 2007, we began offering assistance to nursing graduates aiming to pass the NCLEX. As word spread, we quickly outgrew the space and moved to an empty house I owned about ten miles away. Eventually, even our residential neighbors began inquiring, prompting another move, this time to a commercial space about five miles away. This marked the establishment of Interactive NCLEX Tutoring, our first official home.

Our Expanding Reach

Our 850 sq ft space was significant, and most importantly, it came with ample parking to accommodate the morning and evening classes we held. Students from across the state, and even those who flew in, joined our program. Its success was evident as many students who had previously struggled to pass the NCLEX achieved their licensure after taking our course. We were also contracted to provide NCLEX preparation for local nursing schools, a responsibility we took immense pride in.

Expanding My Role

While tutoring and mentoring nursing students, I realized I could contribute even more to their education than I initially thought. Beyond tutoring in Fundamentals, Medical Surgical Nursing, Maternity, and Pharmacology, I aspired to be a part of the entire nursing education process.

Changing Course, The Birth of South Florida Medical College

After hearing the suggestion to “open a nursing school” numerous times, I decided to make a move to a bigger space and take a leap of faith and add more value to nursing education.

Navigating Uncharted Waters

This decision led to the creation of South Florida Medical College. The journey was filled with challenges, from navigating the licensing process to running an educational institution. I faced unfamiliar territory, including creating catalogs, establishing operational procedures, providing leadership, managing the institution, developing training programs, and navigating accreditation applications. Through it all, I was fortunate to have the unwavering support of an exceptional team and a dear friend, Carol Verdul, who helped us overcome the obstacles encountered while operating a college.

Rediscovering My Passion

After nearly seven years in my role as an administrative director and occasional teacher at the college, I started to notice a change within myself. Despite my deep affection for teaching, I felt overworked and began to lose the joy I once found in it. It was during this period that I realized I was missing something profound—the immense satisfaction I had always derived from mentoring during my NCLEX tutoring sessions. It seemed as though my students gave me as much joy as I offered them.

One day, when I was called upon to cover a class, it was like a wake-up call. It reminded me of who I am at my core and where I should be—tutoring and mentoring.

Atlantis Educational Center, A Rebirth

In 2019, I began contemplating a name change. Later that year, I decided to relinquish the college’s license and rename it Atlantis Educational Center.

A Pause for Reflection

However, just weeks after surrendering the college’s license, the world faced the COVID-19 pandemic. During this challenging period, I focused on planning for Atlantis Educational Center’s future while awaiting a return to normalcy.

A New Beginning

Four years later, I have successfully restructured the institution. We have come full circle, returning to our roots: NCLEX preparation and mentoring nursing students and graduates.

Our Core Values

At Atlantis Educational Nursing Education Institute, we embrace essential values such as love, positivity, and knowledge in our educational approach. I dedicate my time to teaching, mentoring, providing consultation services, and, on my days off, enjoying nature, reading books, and spending quality time with family and friends. These values are interwoven into our programs, creating a supportive and empowering learning environment.

The Power of Passion and Purpose

This journey has taught me the immense value of passion and purpose. When you discover what truly drives you, every day feels like an opportunity to fulfill your purpose. For me, it’s not work; it’s the joy of watching my students grow and succeed, akin to tending to beautiful gardens.

Join Us and Unlock Your Nursing Future

I invite you to join Atlantis Educational Center on our journey to shape the global future of nursing. Our commitment is to help you achieve your career goals while making a positive impact on the nursing profession. Visit our website to explore our programs and courses, and embark on a transformative educational experience that will empower you to thrive in your nursing career.

Visit Our Website to learn more about our programs and courses. Unlock your potential and make a difference in the nursing world with Atlantis Educational Center.


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