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Welcome to Atlantis Educational Center

Mission Statement

At Atlantis Educational Center, we empower nursing students, graduates and nurses through some of the best online courses and programs. Guided by our core values of Love, Knowledge, and Positivity, we prepare nurses for the future while addressing the nursing shortage. Our comprehensive offerings foster personal growth, critical thinking, and evidence-based care to make a lasting impact on patient outcomes and the nursing profession.

Vision Statement

To be a global leader in nursing education, empowering nurses to positively impact healthcare delivery worldwide.

Empowering Nurses for Success

Founded by Diana Cowan in 2008, Atlantis Educational Center is a leader in helping nursing graduates pass the NCLEX. With a strong commitment to addressing the nursing shortage and equipping nurses and nursing students for success, we have empowered countless nurses to transform their nursing careers. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock a promising future in nursing.

Our Empowering Nursing Team

At Atlantis Educational Center, our experienced registered nurses are dedicated to mentoring and tutoring nursing students, graduates, and nurses for success. With expertise across various levels and sectors of nursing, our nursing team is here to help you achieve your goals. Benefit from their experience as you advance in your nursing education and career.

Empowering Nurses, Addressing the Shortage

Atlantis Educational Center has a proven track record of empowering nurses and addressing the nursing shortage. Our programs have successfully provided NCLEX tutoring and training to thousands of nursing students, enabling them to graduate and pass the NCLEX exam with confidence. These achievements have had a significant impact on healthcare facilities throughout the county. Notably, our partnership with Blanche Ely High School resulted in an exceptional 100% NCLEX pass rate for two consecutive years.

Join us in celebrating our remarkable achievements in nursing education and be part of the solution to the nursing shortage.

Preparing Nurses For Success

At Atlantis Educational Center, we are committed to providing high-quality blended online courses that empower nurses at every stage of their career journey. Whether you’re currently in nursing school seeking support, a recent graduate preparing for the NCLEX, or a practicing nurse looking for CEUs to renew your nursing license, we have the courses and expertise to help you succeed.

Our comprehensive online courses are designed to enhance critical thinking skills and provide effective test taking strategies, ensuring that you can confidently pass the next generation NCLEX. We understand the challenges you may face and offer mentorship, guidance, and support to help you overcome them.

Additionally, we offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and future practices in the nursing profession. We believe in the importance of ongoing learning and provide the tools you need to excel in your nursing career and make a positive impact on your community.

Join us at Atlantis Educational Center and get ready to take your nursing journey to new heights.


We’ve tutored thousands of nursing students. Read about their NCLEX Success

"Atlantis Educational Center's NCLEX review course was absolutely amazing! Not only did it help me prepare for the NCLEX, but it also provided me with a fresh perspective on the nursing profession. Despite the short duration of the course, it felt like I had gone through nursing school all over again - it was that comprehensive. Thanks to this review course, I gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for the nursing profession."

Dwan C, RN

"Atlantis Educational Center is a fantastic institution! I enrolled in their NCLEX remedial course and was blown away by the personalized attention and expert instruction provided by the faculty. The NCLEX instructor provided helpful study guides, strategies and tips to assist me during the course. I feel confident in saying that there isn't a better school for furthering your nursing career. Everyone I know who has attended Atlantis Educational Center has become a better nurse. Thanks again, Atlantis Educational Center!"

Oscar C. RN

"Atlantis Educational Center's NCLEX review course is hands down the best review course out there! As an RN who struggled with the NCLEX, the course helped me to understand the questions better and provided me with worthwhile strategies that boosted my confidence in answering NCLEX questions. The supportive environment and individualized attention from the instructors made all the difference in helping me pass the exam."

Sherayne H, RN

"The nursing instructor reviewed the material in a way that I could easily understand was remarkable. Her guidance helped me to not only improve my test-taking skills but also my perspective on life. I am forever grateful for her influence in my journey to become a registered nurse. Atlantis Educational Center is definitely the place to go for top-notch NCLEX review courses. Thank you to the entire team for your support and guidance. I am excited to start my career as RN Johnson and continue to grow in the nursing profession."

E. Johnson RN